Qualtrics: How to contact support for assistance


Two ways to get to the Qualtrics Support Portal website:

1. Logged in to Duke Qualtrics already?  duke.qualtrics.com

  • Click on Help in the upper right corner of the website
  • Select Contact Support when the dialog box appears


  • Proceed to logon Step below


2. Visit Qualtrics Support Portal directly: https://www.qualtrics.com/support-center

  • Proceed to logon Step below



How to Log on and submit a Qualtrics support request:

1. Select "Sign in with SSO"



2. Enter Organization ID:

  • Enter: duke  (enter in lowercase)



  • Click Continue
  • You will be redirected to a Duke log on page if you have not logged in already


3. There are several support options available, many of which can be completed by the OIT Service Desk



4. For Request types not listed select: I have a different support request.



5. Select a product from the drop-down:



6. Select Survey Platform (unless using one of the other listed products)

  • How you would like to get support
  • Select an option: Chat, Email, or Phone (if available)
  • Complete requested information and submit the request




7. Example: Phone support request:

  • Enter the required information:
    • The phone number you can be reached at
    • Email address should auto-fill with your Duke netid@duke.edu
    • Select Language
    • Click to Submit a request





As of August 19, 2020, Qualtrics users seeking phone support will be required to login to their Support Portal in order to connect with Qualtrics Support. This change is a required security update that continues to ensure the utmost privacy of user accounts, including preventing anyone from posing as another user. Email and chat support have already required authentication...


Need further assistance?

For additional assistance please contact the OIT Service Desk for help: http://oit.duke.edu/help

(For Fuqua's instance of Qualtrics: Support inquiries should be directed to Fuqua's IT.)

Article number: KB0033437

Valid to: February 19, 2025