RemoteApp: Requesting access to the Duke RemoteApp environment (for SAP Usage)

OIT provides Mac users a Microsoft RemoteApp platform for accessing SAP systems.  The RemoteApp environment presents SAP and Authentic Login as native containerized applications running on the local machine via Microsoft Remote Desktop.

Please send a request to the OIT Service Desk via, include the following in the ticket:

  • Full Name
  • NetID
  • Current computing environment (Mac, Linux,etc )
  • Reason you need to request access to the Duke RemoteApp Environment - "Need access to SAP"
  • Do you have a virtual Windows environment on your computer such as BootCamp, Parrallels, etc
    • If you have a virtual Windows environment have you attempted use of SAP
  • Do you have Microsoft Remote Desktop installed? What version?  (Recommend 8.0.38)


Article number: KB0017226

Valid to: February 7, 2025