What is the Difference between Panopto and Warpwire, and When Should I Use Them?

Warpwire is Duke's enterprise media publishing tool that allows you to securely share pre-recorded media in various applications such as Sakai, Wordpress, etc. 

Panopto is our enterprise tool that provides a unified platform for recording, editing and publishing media. 

Warpwire does have a recording interface that can be used for quick recordings. While it can record audio, video and screen at the same time, the media is presented as separate elements. Panopto offers a rich media interface for playback of recorded media that includes:

  • Allowing the student to switch between screen and video (or multiple video tracks) interactively
  • Thumbnails for easy navigation of media
  • Automated speech to text for index searching of the media
  • Ability to add interactive notes to the media
  • An integrated editor that allows you to trim and remove sections of the video in non-destructive ways.

While Panopto does allow you to upload pre-recorded media, we recommend Warpwire for this purpose because it’s interface is designed more like “YouTube” and is built specifically to share something in just a few steps. 

If someone is primarily recording video but has a few pre-recorded videos to share, we’d recommend using Panopto to record their video and upload the pre-recorded videos to the same folder.

If someone is primarily sharing pre-recorded videos but just has a few video only or screen only videos they’d like to create as well, we’d recommend using Warpwire for everything.

We'd be happy to discuss your specific use case to help you determine which tool is right for you. To set up a call, contact the OIT Service Desk at oit.duke.edu/help.

Article Number: KB0033182