Duke is committed to providing its campus community with convenient, secure ways to access Duke facilities and pay for services at Duke. The eAccounts mobile app is one great way Duke offers to interact with door readers, pay for meals, and use in vending machines. 

Duke is committed to respecting users of the eAccounts app’s privacy. This privacy policy describes the privacy practices employed for the eAccounts app and details what information the eAccounts app collects about you, how your information is used, with whom it is shared and how Duke protects it. To ensure the information included here reflects any updates and improvements we make to enhance the eAccounts app, we may make changes to this privacy policy at any time. Please visit this site periodically to review the current policy.

What information is collected about you 

The eAccounts app collects your IP address, the dates and time you access the application and payment usage history while using the application. The eAccounts app also collects information needed to process any payments made, to add funds to your DukeCard Flex balance, including name, address, email, phone, location and credit card data which has been tokenized (sensitive data elements have been replaced with non-sensitive equivalents). Location information may be used to tailor the list of services nearby that accept DukeCard payments. The eAccounts app is not intended for use by children, particularly children under the age of 13. Duke, through the eAccounts app, does not knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of 13. 

Any other information we collect, including cookies, is used to improve and to enhance both the user experience and the eAccounts app itself.

How your information is used  

The eAccounts app uses technology from Apple and from Blackboard to provision a DukeCard-compatible credential onto your phone.  The credential is stored in your Apple Wallet and is communicated to the DukeCard system for managing your access to Duke buildings and for payments and services provided by DukeCard such as meal plans, meal points, and flex payments (Stored Value System) The eAccounts app uses Apple Pay to process your credit card payments to DukeCard. Duke, Apple, and Duke’s merchant service provider use your name, address, email address, phone number, and tokenized credit card information (as described above in the ‘What Information is collected about you’ section) to process your payment to add flex spending funds to your DukeCard account. Additionally, the DukeCard office collects information about your usage of the app, usage for access, and for DukeCard payments in the same way data about you is collected when you use your DukeCard for access and payments. 

Who has access to your information?

Only Duke system administrators and developers have access to the logs containing your personal information; Duke management has access to aggregated information. This aggregated information does not contain, nor does it link to, personal information that could be used to identify a specific individual. Aggregated information is also provided to Blackboard and to Apple for the purposes of evaluating the program and understanding usage patterns on campus.

If you would like to make changes to the information the DukeCard Office maintains about you in its database, you must make those changes in the systems of record (SAP for payroll-derived information and the Student Information System for student information).  Information about your payment history is provided in the app or via the DukeCard website.

How your information is secured 

Information transmitted between the eAccounts app and sites and services provided by the eAccounts app are sent securely through an encrypted SSL/TLS channel. Information collected for improvements and enhancements is stored on secure servers at Duke. Information about your usage is also collected and stored in Blackboard’s servers outside of Duke’s environment. 

This Privacy Policy adheres to:

Duke's Acceptable Use Policy

Duke’s Data Security Policy