Warpwire Appropriate Use Policy

Warpwire is an online video publishing tool intended to support the business, teaching, learning and scholarship of Duke University and Duke Medicine faculty, staff and students. Anyone with a valid Duke NetID may use Warpwire for:

  • courses they teach (including courses in which non-Duke students are enrolled)
  • committees engaged in scholarly endeavors
  • scholarly groups of which they are a member
  • non-profit, educational community groups
  • department, project or common interest groups in support of and in the best interest of the business of Duke University and Duke Medicine
  • Warpwire cannot be used to record, store, or distribute any media that must comply with HIPAA requirements. For information about FERPA requirements as pertains to recording at Duke, consult https://scholarworks.duke.edu/privacy/

Access to Warpwire
Communications and Technical Administration of Warpwire
Information Security
Copyright and Fair Use
Intellectual Property
Computing Policies
Warpwire Account Retention Policy


Access to Warpwire

Use of Warpwire is open to everyone with a valid Duke NetID. Anyone with a Duke NetID can log into Warpwire and upload videos. They will be able to videw any videos they upload, as well as any videos other Warpwire users have shared with them.


Available user roles include the following:

  • Viewers are those who have been authorized by a Creator to view Warpwire videos. Authorization is performed via the Share interface in Warpwire.
  • Creators: Anyone who uploads content is a creator, and has creator privileges for the content they own, meaning that can manage, share, or delete that content.


Warpwire supports sharing with Duke course groups. Creators can search for course groups within the Warpwire Share interface.

Communications and Technical Administration of Warpwire


Warpwire unplanned or emergency outages will be emailed and posted on the places listed above as soon as possible.

Information Security

The Warpwire user database is fed directly from the Duke enterprise directory system, thus allowing users to login with their Duke NetID and password. The security of these accounts is crucial for maintaining a reliable and trusted resource for online instruction and business. You should never share your NetID or password with anyone for any reason.


Duke University has an established Data Classification Standard, which defines Sensitive Data as including FERPA-protected student data. As with other sensitive university records, the privacy and security of student information (including but not limited to: grades, test scores, usernames and ID numbers) must closely guarded. Grades should not be posted so that students may see scores belonging to other class members (for example, do not post grades in a spreadsheet uploaded to the community).


Warpwire cannot be used to record, store, or distribute any media that must comply with HIPAA requirements. For information about FERPA requirements as pertains to recording at Duke, consult https://scholarworks.duke.edu/privacy/

Copyright and Fair Use


Copyright law and Fair Use Guidelines may allow Warpwire users to provide access to copyrighted materials, as long as the licenses for the media allow electronic distribution. If required by the license and/or to implement Fair Use, the material may be restricted only to enrolled members of a particular course or ad hoc group. Users are advised to consider the use of Duke Library’s e-reserves system to meet the needs of their use if appropriate and to contact Duke’s Office of Copyright and Scholarly Communication with any questions about Fair Use as it applies to copyrighted materials.

Your posting of media to Warpwire indicates you have the right to distribute this media and Duke OIT is not responsible for any Copyright infringement if the site is used inappropriately.


Warpwire supports linking to videos and embedding videos directly into external websites. Viewers of those externally published videos may be prompted to log in via their Duke NetID and password when they attempt to play the files if the files have been secured to individual NetID holders and/or groups.

Intellectual Property

Information regarding Warpwire system performance or usage is considered the property of Duke. Information regarding specific Warpwire videos or individual accounts will be held in confidence, although data may be gathered and presented in aggregated form by Duke staff members (e.g., CIT, OIT, Library) for professional development activities, such as conference presentations and scholarly/industry publications, as well as for reporting on system performance or use.

Computing Policies

Use of Warpwire, by staff, students and faculty, is governed by the Office of Information Technology’s Computer Policies and Guidelines, which include:

  • Computing and Networking: Acceptable Use — appropriately access only the information for which you are authorized

Warpwire Retention Policy


This policy defines how long content uploaded to Warpwire will be retained in the centrally-managed Warpwire system before it is deleted.


Warpwire videos will be retained for four years. This policy is effective beginning January 1, 2015 and applies to all accounts.


  1. The primary purpose of Warpwire is to provide a method for publishing videos used to enhance the business, teaching and learning environment for faculty, staff, researchers, students, and other valid Duke NetID holders during the course of their work at Duke.
  2. Warpwire is not a video repository and is not intended for long term archival storage of videos.
  3. As detailed in the Sakai Retention Policy, the Warpwire policy is that videos will be maintained for four years.


  1. To comply with any University policies related to course material retention.
  2. To retain centrally-stored Warpwire recordings and materials for a period of time that is helpful to staff, instructors and students.
  3. To guide instructors and staff in developing their own procedures for long-term storage of their Warpwire recordings and materials.
  4. To optimize the performance of the Warpwire system.
  5. To ensure that online storage space provided for Warpwire is used efficiently and to minimize the financial and technical impact of constantly increasing disk use.


This policy covers Warpwire and materials stored via the Warpwire system. This policy does not cover materials stored in an individual’s home directory, personal Web space, centrally-supported OIT services, school-based media servers or departmental/school-based file storage space.


The policy may be reviewed and changed as needed.


Periodic updates of Warpwire are required to keep Duke’s Warpwire system current with supported versions and typically include new and enhanced features that are of value to staff, instructors and students.