Senior Director, IT Services & Support

As the Senior Director of IT Services & Support, Evan Levine has more than 15 years of experience at Duke and has played an instrumental role in fostering an innovative and collaborative technology environment on campus. 

Evan's career at Duke began in technology support, and has since performed numerous roles in acquisition, lab engineering, web services, and academic technologies. Within his current role, he is responsible for enterprise media architecture; academic content production; endpoint and device management; technology and customer support; creative and user experience services; makerspaces and digital fabrication; physical and virtual labs; co-curricular technical education; software licensing; and related campus services.  

In addition to his daily responsibilities, Evan also oversees Duke's IT Council, a collaborative advisory team of IT leaders from each academic unit. He co-chairs Duke's Web Governance committee, providing strategic direction for Duke's web services through hosting, security, and best practices.