Duke's YouTube Channel Policy

The Duke YouTube channel highlights material from the university’s classrooms, laboratories and campus life. This main Duke channel is a hub for channels by Duke schools, programs and centers.

The steps below are intended for Duke employees seeking to create a YouTube channel for their unit to be connected to the main Duke channel.

Answers to other questions can be found by contacting the youtubeteam@duke.edu or visiting the YouTube Help Center.


Sign up for a YouTube channel directly through YouTube.com. Be sure to choose a user name that is appropriate to your unit, and record your password.

Explore the YouTube Creator Playbook, a resource that provides helpful information on building a cohesive channel, optimizing your videos for discovery, engaging with the YouTube community and more. 

Once your channel has been created, contact the Duke YouTube Team via youtubeteam@duke.edu with your contact information, the name of your unit at Duke, the user name for your channel, and the channel URL. In response, you will be contacted by someone from the Duke YouTube team about connecting your account to the main Duke account (lifting the 15 minute YouTube limit). Please remember to set up your YouTube account using a general gmail account for your unit (rather than your Duke email account or personal gmail account). This ensures that you will be able to transfer ownership of the channel to someone else in the future if you need to. 

Once your channel is approved, it will appear as a subscription on Duke’s main YouTube channel.

Review Duke’s policies and guidelines for posting to YouTube. You are responsible for producing and posting your own videos and are also responsible for seeing that the videos posted to your channel comply with these policies.

Explore the Duke Style Guide or the Duke Medicine Branding Guidelines, as appropriate. Especially note the video toolkit. Each video posted on your channel should be branded as coming from Duke in addition to branding specific to your unit. 

If you would like your YouTube video featured on the main Duke YouTube channel page, email the YouTube team at Duke's Office of News and Communications via youtubeteam@duke.edu.  They are happy to work with you on ways to highlight your video.  



Through Duke's Channel on YouTube, members of the Duke community can make video material from lectures, interviews, audio books and other sources freely available to a wide audience under the Duke umbrella.


We highly recommend collecting signed recording release forms for all content you'd like to post on YouTube. Release forms are included in the Scholarly Communications Toolkit.


An excellent guide has been created by the folks behind the Creative Commons licensing initiative. This guide published as a wiki, is known as the Podcasting Legal Guide.  In the guide is a comprehensive review of the legal issues you may face in creating and distributing a podcast.

More information about intellectual property and digital rights from Duke's Scholarly Communications Officer.


Please review YouTube's terms of use before using this service.

In addition to the policy and guidelines described here, Duke University's  Computing Policies shall be considered in effect.


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