Duke Domain Request Policy


Duke University manages the duke.edu domain and authorizes the use of all domains within the duke.edu namespace. In the past, third-level domain names were generally granted without review. As the number of requests and confusion about names have increased, it has become obvious that a policy is needed to guide the granting of these names.

The selection of a third-level domain name for a University service or entity should be considered with the same seriousness as the naming of campus buildings or streets. A great deal of freedom in naming exists for fourth-level domains and above. However, the granting of a third-level name should be a relatively rare occurrence and limited to entities of broad scope and long duration.

This document describes the formal policy for the granting of third-level domains, and the procedure a requestor must follow to apply for a third-level domain.


Third-level domains will be granted to Duke schools, departments, administrative units, interdisciplinary centers or institutes, and enterprise services.

Third-level domain requests from entities that do not fall in the above categories will be reviewed on an individual basis, but will generally be denied.

Third-level domains should clearly identify the requesting entity, avoiding the use of acronyms or generic terms that could apply to multiple campus entities or services.

Requests for new third-level domains will be reviewed by the Associate Vice President for News and Communication, who will make the final decision on grating the domain.

Third-level domains are a revocable resource. The revocation of a third-level domain will be a rare occurrence but could happen, for example, if an existing third-level domain conflicts with the request of a major new University entity. Third-level domains may also be revoked if they have not been actively used for a period of one year. The review process for new third-level domains will include screening for current or potential future conflicts.

Requests for a third-level domain name must originate from the IT director of the requesting entity, and have the endorsement of the entity's dean, director, or department head.


Petitioners for a third-level domain will submit their request via a web form. The form will list the above policy for granting a third-level domain. Petitioners using any other means for their request (e.g. a call to the OIT or DHTS helpdesk, direct email, etc.) will be referred to the web form.

Web requests are routed to the Assistant Vice President of Digital and Brand Strategy. The petitioner will receive an email acknowledging their request and an expected response time.

The Assistant Vice President of Digital and Brand Strategy will review the request and notify the OIT Domain Name Coordinator of the final decision.

The OIT Domain Name Coordinator will notify the petitioner of the final decision.

The petitioner may appeal the decision one time by forwarding their request, along with any relevant supporting information, to the OIT Domain Name Coordinator. The appeal will then be forwarded to a review committee consisting of the appropriate University senior officers.

After the committee has considered the appeal and rendered a decision, the OIT Domain Name Coordinator will notify the petitioner of the decision via email.

Third-Level Domain Name Request Form


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