Adobe Sign: University Tenant, Creating and Managing Groups

This article applies to the university tenant.

Adobe Sign group managers have the ability to update group settings, they do NOT have the ability to update group membership (add/remove members).

If you would like to update your group's members, please contact the Service Desk and make a request.

Ideally these requests will come from a group administrator of the group in question.

Please include the group name and the membership changes required (we cannot use the Group ID number as an identifier).

To determine your current group, select your avatar (top right) -> profile settings. Your group name will appear in the resulting screen.

To request a new group, please submit a ticket listing the new group name and the netids of the group members. Also indicate which member(s) are to be given group administrative access.

If your intended group members do not have an Adobe Sign account, they can request one here:



Article number: KB0037437

Valid to: February 26, 2025