M365 ownerless group (Automated Microsoft Email)

Issue: (See example Screenshot Below) Customer receives email from Microsoft stating that they are part of a group that does not have an owner.


Question: Is this legitimate mail? 

Answer: Yes, most likely this is referring to a Microsoft Team. Duke University manages M365 groups using expiration policies. All M365 groups must be renewed yearly by a group owner. If a group loses its owner (likely due to the owner leaving Duke), Microsoft has an automated process that sends out messages to group members asking if they would like to become the owner.


Question: How does Microsoft choose who to notify?

Answer: Microsoft chooses the top 5 active members. Those five will be emailed once a week for four weeks until an owner has been identified.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your service desk below.

Duke University - 919-684-2200 or oit.duke.edu/help

Duke Health - 919-684-2243 or dhts.duke.edu



Article number: KB0037103

Valid to: October 23, 2024