How to Manage Your Reservations in EMS

Here is how to manage your reservations and bookings in the EMS Web App. After reading through if you would like to view the video on how to manage your reservations, please click here.


A Reservation is the purpose of the event. In EMS, a reservation is the who (the meeting organizer) and the what of an event. A Reservation contains one or more Bookings. For example, you (the who) can reserve some space for a staff meeting (the what).


A Booking is the where and the when of an event. For example, you can schedule the large auditorium (the where) for a staff meeting on the second Monday in January (the when). There are one or more Bookings in a Reservation. 


  • Log In/Authenticate with NetID in lower right hand corner


Edit Reservations

  • On the side bar of the Home page, click My Events



  • Click a reservation name.

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  • To edit reservation details, navigate to Reservation Details > Reservation Details tab.
  • Click the Edit Reservation Details link. 

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  • Edit any available field. 
  • Click Save Reservation Details.


When you click to edit a Reservation or Booking, the page that opens depends upon the type of booking that you are editing—a booking for reserving a room, a booking for requesting a room, or a booking for services only.

  • To edit Additional Information for your reservation, go to Reservation Details > Additional Information tab > Edit Additional Information.

Edit Bookings - on the side bar of the Home page, click My Events.


Edit the Date and Time on a Single or on Multiple Bookings 


  • In the Reservation Tasks section, click Booking Tools.

You can also edit the date and time on multiple bookings by clicking on the Booking Tools link under the Bookings section. 

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  • Make any edits.

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  • Click Update Bookings.


Edit the Location and/or Date and Time on a Single Booking 

  • Click My Events on the side bar of the Home page.
  • Click on the reservation name you want to edit.
  • Under the Bookings section, click the Edit icon next to the booking

These options are available if you have permissions.


  • The Room Request window opens, where you can make changes to the booking.
  • You can edit the date and time of the booking under the Date & Time section. 
  • Search for a new location under the Locations section in the left column.
  • To select by Buildings or Views, click the Add/Remove link .
  • Select a Building or View and click Update Locations.
  • In the Locations section, click Search.

    • Under the Let Me Search for a Room section in the left-hand column, you can select filters to apply to your search (e.g., Floors, Room Types, etc.).
  • Click Add (+) to change the room in your booking.
  • Click Update Booking to save the changed location.

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Valid to: November 17, 2024