How To Make a Single Reservation in EMS

Below is how to make a single reservation in the EMS Web App. After reading through if you would like to view the video on how to make a single reservation please click here.


  • Log In/Authenticate with NetID in lower right hand corner

  • Do one of the following:
    • On the left menu, click CREATE A RESERVATION.
    • On the right, next to one of your reservation templates, click Book Now.
    • The Create a Reservation page opens.
  • Specify When and Where
    • To specify When, in the upper left pane, select dates, times, recurrence (optional), and time zone for the reservation.
    • To specify Where, in the lower left pane, select one of the following:
      • Let Me Search for a Room
      • I Know What Room I Want

  • Manage Search Results
    • In the lower left pane, select filters.
    • Click Search.
    • Results appear on the right. To view room details, in the results list, click a room name.
    • Locating space as part of the reservation process is different than browsing locations. See Also: Search for Available Rooms.
      • After you establish favorites, EMS Web App uses these (plus the parameters of the booking template in use) to filter your search results when you use Let Me Search For A Room.
    • To expand your search results beyond your favorites, do one of the following:
      • Clear the Favorite rooms only check box.
      • Next to Locations. click Add/Remove.
    • Find a room to reserve, click Add (+).
      • The booking gets added to your cart. You can delete or change the room before you finalize the reservation.
      • You can also book video conferences or multiple rooms. Then, skip to Step 3 of section Specify Who and What.

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  • Finalize Reservation Details
  • The Reservation Details page finalizes information about your reservation. Invitations to bookings and attachments are sent to all attendees.
  • Complete all required information. Then click Save Reservation Details and Create Reservation.

Article number: KB0037031

Valid to: November 17, 2024