ePrint - Printing with QR Code for Contactless ePrint

ePrint – QR Code for Contactless Printing

We’ve changed how Contactless ePrint works! Pharos’ Touchless QR Code Release is simple and fast! Users simply walk up to a printer and use the Pharos Print app (iOS and Android) to scan a QR code affixed to the printer. Users can upload and manage print jobs in their queue, and change job details right from their mobile device before releasing files to print without ever making contact with the printer interface.

Need to download the app? Download the Pharos Print app at the following locations in Apple App Store or Google Play App Store:
Apple App Store - https://apps.apple.com/us/app/pharos-print/id918145672 (for iOS – iPhones & iPads)
Android App Store - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pharossystems.pharosprint&hl=en_US&gl=US (for Android OS phones & tablets)

NOTE: If the Pharos Print App is not installed, users can scan a QR Code from their camera app and this will launch the Pharos Print Center via a web browser. After logging in with your Duke credentials, the user can release jobs in the same manner as with the Pharos Print App; however, we recommend users install and use the app.

Print using QR Code

Once you have the Pharos Print app installed on your device, users will need to configure the app using the following settings:

  1. Notifications – Users can choose to Allow or Don’t Allow notifications from Pharos Print.

  2. NOTE: Users must be on-campus and connected to Duke’s WiFi Dukeblue or Duke VPN, or this app will not connect to the server.
  3. In the Server Address field, type in the server name: ep-ps-mp3-pap1.win.duke.edu
  4. In the Server Port field, type in port number: 443, then press “Connect” to continue.

  5. On the next screen, in the username field, type in your Duke netID.
  6. In password field, type in your Duke netID password and press “Log On”

  7. Press the "Upload" button if you need to add any files from your iPhone, iPad, or Android device that you want to print. If you print jobs are already uploaded from your computer and no print options are needed, skip to step 9.

  8. Select the checkbox for the document(s) you want to print. To change the print options (if needed), such as color, double-sided, pages per side, copies and page range, press “Print options” on the bottom right.


  9. Once your documents are in the Job List and the checkboxes of the files you want to print are selected, press the “QR Code Scanner Button” in the top right-hand corner of the screen in the Pharos Print mobile app to scan the QR code attached to the printer.

  10. Press “Confirm” to print. The print job will start immediately without requiring a DukeCard tap/swipe.

  11. Log out by pressing the "Log Out" pop-up button in the middle of the screen.



Article number: KB0034550

Valid to: March 5, 2025