Office 365: Configuring the Gmail app for Android

Due to variations in versions of the Google app and Android devices, your experience may differ.

To access your Office 365 account via Google's Gmail app on Android, do the following:

1. Open the Gmail app.

2. In the top right, select your avatar.

3. Select Add another account.

4. In the next screen, select Exchange and Office 365.

5. In the next screen, enter your Duke email address and select Next. The Duke Log In screen appears.

Important: If you do not see the Duke Log In page, the app was unable to authenticate using Shibboleth and may not support Modern Authentication. To resolve this, update your device's operating system and ensure the Gmail app is up to date. If the Duke Log In page still isn't displayed, consider using the Microsoft Outlook app

6. Log in with your NetID, password, and multi-factor authentication.

Note: If you're prompted to save your password, select Never. 

7. At the prompt Finish setting up your email, select Next.

8. At the prompt Allow Gmail to access your calendar? select Allow.

9.  Your account is ready to go! is displayed. Select Done.

For help, contact your local IT support or:

  • OIT Service Desk: 919-684-2200
  • DHTS Service Desk: 919-684-2243

Article number: KB0034018

Valid to: March 18, 2025