Zoom Meetings: Troubleshooting Breakout Rooms

Troubleshooting Breakout Rooms

My students are having difficulty using breakout rooms that I preassigned – what’s happening, and how do I fix this?
It's very likely that students are having problems with breakout rooms because they have joined your meeting with a different email than the ones you’ve specified – or they may be using a guest account. 

Given that your students’ emails need to be consistent each time they join a meeting, we recommend using netID@duke.edu – which is ensured when a student creates and joins your meeting with a Duke Zoom account.

Therefore, students need to follow these steps before the next meeting begins in order for preassigned breakout rooms / group work to function properly for them (and you!)

Sign into Zoom Desktop with SSO (Single Sign-On, or NetID). 

  1. Open your Zoom desktop application. Sign out of your Zoom account. You will be prompted with the Sign in screen.
  2. Select "Sign in with SSO." Type "duke" as the domain.
  3. Enter your NetID and password.

If you students are still running into problems, they can double-check that they have created a Duke Zoom account.

  1. Navigate to https://duke.zoom.us/
  2. Select Sign In
  3. Enter your NetID and password.
  4. Confirm that the Duke logo appears in the top left of the Zoom website. You now have a licensed Duke Zoom account!

When students join the next meeting, they can follow the above Sign into Zoom Desktop with SSO steps. From there, preassigned breakout rooms will work more consistently.

Article Number: KB0032732