Office 365: Configuring Gnome Evolution with Modern Authentication.

Requirements: evolution-ews 3.27.91+

  • Launch Evolution.
  • Click File -> New -> Mail Account.
  • Click Next on the Welcome Page

  • Enter your Name and Email Address, uncheck the box for "Look up mail server details based on the entered e-mail address", and click Next.

  • Change "Server Type" to "Exchange Web Services"
  • Ensure that your username is in the format of
  • Ensure that the "Host URL" is ""
  • Ensure that "Authentication" is set to "OAuth2 (Office365)"
  • Check "Override Office365 OAuth2 settings"
  • In the "Application ID" field, enter 20460e5d-ce91-49af-a3a5-70b6be7486d1
  • Click Next

  • Log into Shibboleth.

Article number: KB0032012

Valid to: October 20, 2024