Office 365: Reporting a Phish using the Report Message Button

Reporting a Phish using the Report Message Button


What is the Report Button?

Users of Duke's Office 365 Exchange Online system can report suspicious emails to OIT and the Duke IT Security Offices with one click of a button. This is the Report button which is part of our Microsoft mail system.

The IT Security Offices and OIT are encouraging users to use the new “Report” button to report any suspicious email instead of submitting a ticket or emailing the list.

What does it look like and what clients are supported?

The new “Report” button is available in all recent Outlook email clients (Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016, Outlook 2016 (Mac), Outlook Web Access (OWA), Outlook Mobile App (Android and iPhone), Office 365 Desktop Client).  The button looks generally like the one of the icons below. Mobile devices do not use Outlook as their native client and therefore are not able to support the Report button. Outlook can be installed through the Apple App Store or through the Google Play Store.


What happens when I click the "Report" button?

After clicking the button, you will receive a popup message saying thanks for reporting. Select “OK” to confirm submission. Once the report is submitted, the suspicious email will be moved to your “deleted” folder. The dialog boxes displayed look as follows:



Where can I find the button in my client?

Generally speaking, the button will be found on the ribbon of the client.  See the screen captures below for information on your particular client.  If you are unable to find the button in your client, check to ensure the Add-In is installed using the instructions at the end of this article.

Outlook O365 Desktop Client (Windows & Mac):

The button can be found in the middle of the ribbon of the client.

Within the message view window, the button is in the same location. If the button is missing, please restart the Outlook application. It should return. 



 Outlook Desktop Client (2019 or older) (Windows & Mac):


Outlook on the Web (OWA):

You can find the button in Outlook on the Web in a couple of places depending on your settings.


Outlook on the Web - Message Ribbon:


Outlook on the Web on Mobile:

It is recommended that you download the Outlook app instead of using OWA via a mobile browser. 

Outlook Mobile Apps:

In both Outlook for Android and Outlook for iOS, the button can be found in when previewing a message. Click on the three dots on the right side of the message, and then click on the "Report Message" button. Select “Report” to send the message to security.




I still can't find the button; how can I verify the Add-In is installed?

The instructions below are to add the button using OWA accessed via you can follow the same basic process within Outlook by using the "Get Add-ins" button.

  • Look in the "More Actions" section represented by the ... on the top right corner of the message.  Click on the three dots (...) then click on the "Get Add-ins" option towards the bottom.



  • Next, use the search feature on the left to find the "Report Message” Add-in.
  • If there is a button with the word "Add" available, click Add to install the add-in.  If the word "Open" appears then the button is already installed in your client.





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Valid to: June 18, 2025