Adding Money to Your DukeCard Flex Account with eAccounts

Students, Faculty, and Staff may add money to their Flex account in several ways:

  • Transact eAccounts App: Apple Pay is accepted but Google Pay is not. Credit and debit cards are accepted for both Apple and Android devices but your card must be added through the eAccounts Portal before using.
  • eAccounts Portal: credit or debit cards are accepted.
  • Bursar Account: students can deposit Flex funds by charging their Bursar account; note that deposits cannot be made to Bursar accounts through the eAccounts mobile app.
  • Employee Payroll Deduction: Using the Duke@Work My Pay tab, employees can deduct funds from their pay and have those funds added to their Flex account. 

Note: there is a $25 minimum and $250 maximum for Flex Account deposits made through eAccounts.


Article number: KB0029833

Valid to: May 13, 2025