Microsoft 365: Get Started using Microsoft Planner

Microsoft Planner is an online-only planning and project management app integrated with your Microsoft 365 email account that helps you and your team be more productive.  It is an app that helps with structuring teamwork and collaboration on projects with others at Duke online by creating and automating tasks, easily sharing and collaborating on files, and providing a dashboard to easily monitor progress and make adjustments. 
To get started, follow the steps below.
Access the web app
  1. From an internet browser, go to
  2. Sign in to your Duke Microsoft 365 account using your NetID and NetID account password.
  3. Click on the app launcher icon
     in the upper-left corner of the window.
  4. Click Planner if listed.
    1. If Planner is not listed, Click All apps to see an alphabetical list of Office 365 apps available to you.
    2. Enter Planner into the "Search all of your apps" text box.
    3. Click Planner.
  5. You will now be redirected to and signed into the web app.
  6. You may now view the plans you are a part of, and create a new plan.
To learn how to use Microsoft Teams visit Lynda training.  If you need more help installing or working with Microsoft teams, visit Microsoft Planner Support.

If you need further assistance, please contact your appropriate Service Desk:
Duke University Users: OIT Service Desk: 919 684 2200
Duke Health Users: DHTS Service Desk: 919 684 2243


Article number: KB0029242

Valid to: February 6, 2025