Set Call Forwarding Remotely

How do I forward my duke desk phone number away from my office? 

Duke offers a web based tool you can log into and forward your phone when you are away from the office.

If your phone is associated with your NetID use the link below to setup Call Forwarding on your line remotely. 

Duke Health and University users - 

If you are unable to login to the portal above or do not see a phone number available to forward to, please submit a ticket via your appropriate help desk stating “Assign [your Duke phone numbers] to [your NetID] for MyPhone access.” 

If you have Jabber phone services enabled, you can use Jabber to forward calls (see below). If you do not have Jabber voice enabled or do not have a current Jabber account, you will need to submit a ticket via your appropriate Service Desk requesting the creation of a new account.


Article number: KB0028822

Valid to: December 12, 2024