Cvent: Frequently Asked Questions

What features does Cvent have?


  • Online event registration paid or no-cost events
  • Contact database for invited and registered lists
  • Duke Alumni Development Database integration (limited)
  • Real-time event registration reports
  • Customizable event registration websites
  • Customizable event emails
  • Protected login with Duke NetID and password



How long does it take to launch an event registration site?

A: A new user should plan for two months from the time they first login to the time the event registration site is ready to collect live registrations. After the first event has been created, it could take between a couple of hours and a couple of days to prepare a new event.


Can one event be copied for another event without having to re-create it from scratch?

A: Yes. Event planners will create an event from an Event template, which is a saved format for registrations in your department. Events will not be created from scratch and will start by copying from a select template. Departments can have multiple event templates.


Can I log into Cvent with my netID?

A: Yes. And only Duke affiliates with a netID can use Cvent at Duke.


Is Cvent at Duke cloud hosted?

A: Yes. And the data maintenance and infrastructure has been vetted and meets the Duke security and standards protocol.


Can I export the registration data?

A: Yes. Many reports are available out-of-the-box with Cvent OR reports can be genereated based on the custom criteria or specifications you need. Reports can be excel, pdf, csv, word or mhtml (web archive). Check updates for new features such as a Report Portal for real-time reports via a URL.


Who can see the registration data for events I manage?

A: Event planners can restrict who has access to their events to people in their department (see Event Visiblity tab under Event Configuration). The Cvent support team at OIT can see all events. 


Article Number: KB0028485