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Internal (Duke) AV Consulting

Internal AV consulting for Duke University schools and departments is available (free of charge). Email oit-mt-info@duke.edu for additional information.

AV Integration Companies

Some of the more commonly used AV Integration Companies are listed below:

Company Contact Email Phone Duke References
ClarkPowell Joanne Hall joanne@clark-powell.com 828-3335979


Brian Delk bdelk@kontek.com 919-683-6789 ext.314
Jason DotyPaul Debien

Kim Durak kdurak@kontek.com 919-287-2446
AVI/SPL Allison Thompson Allison.Thompson@avispl.com 919.349.7943

The below AV integration companies have not been vetted by OIT, they are provided as an informational service only.

AV Resellers

Company      Contact              Email                                Phone                           Duke References                        
Howard Technology Solutions Jordan Breed jbreed@howard.com 601-399-5614
ClarkPowell Joanne Nall joanne@clark-powell.com 828-333-5979


Brice Schuldt  bschuldt@vsa1.com 800-888-2140 ext 151 OIT-MT
AVI/SPL Allison Thompson Allison.Thompson@avispl.com 919-349-7943 OIT-MT, Trinity Technology Services

Media Conversion Services

Company Contact Email Phone Notes
Duke Libraries Giao Baker giao.baker@duke.edu


Duke Libraries can generally accommodate campus requests for A/V conversion for 5 items or less assuming they have the equipment required (see A/V input deck info listed here: https://library.duke.edu/about/digital-production-center/avstandards).  Their turnaround time is 3 weeks, and they charge $25/hour.  

A&V Company
Chris Alford Contact Form


A/V Geeks LLC Skip Elsheimer skip@avgeeks.com


George Blood, L.P. George Blood george.blood@georgeblood.com 215-248-2100

Audio/Video Rental Services

Company Contact Email Phone
Technical Services Selden Smith techsvcs@duke.edu


These AV rental service companies have not been vetted by OIT, they are provided as an informational service only.

Video Production

There are several excellent resources available on campus, from shooting it yourself (using low and no cost options to edit and compress the video offered at various campus venues) to full professional production at Duke Media Services.

Do it Yourself Support & Facilities

Videotaping a Class or Presentation

  • Panopto to capture a class or event
  • Contact your school or departmental IT group

Professional Production Services

Transcription and Captioning Services

Duke's approved caption processes and service providers

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