Requesting Data Commons storage

Consider the following questions prior to requesting Data Commons storage, as we will need these answers to provision a share:

(1)  Do you want the storage to be available for mounting on local workstations or does it need to be mounted on the Duke Compute Cluster (DCC)?
(1a)  Do you want to mount the storage as SMB (often called "CIFS") or NFS? (The former is usually used for local Windows or Mac workstations; the latter for DCC or for linux systems)
(1b)  If you are requesting "NFS" AND the share is to be mounted somewhere OTHER THAN (or in addition to) the DCC, what are the IP addresses of the systems that need to mount the NFS share?
(2)  The cost associated is about $65 per TB per year.  This cost is based on the ALLOCATION, not on the amount ACTUALLY USED.  If data will flow in over time, it may be more cost effective to request a base amount now, and to increase that amount closer to the point of need for the additional storage.  Given that, what initial allocation would you like?
(3)  What fund code would you like to charge for the costs noted in (2)?
(4)  Do you want this storage to be backed up (which essentially doubles the total cost)?
(5)  Can you confirm that no *sensitive* data will be stored in this space? [Refer to for examples of "sensitive" data]
(6)  Which netIDs will need access (permissions) to this storage?
(7)  Do you have a "lab name" that should be used in naming the share, for easier tracking?
(8)  Do you foresee an immediate need to use Globus to transfer data to/from this new storage?

Questions about any of the above?  Send a message to and we'll be happy to help!

Article number: KB0026188

Valid to: July 19, 2025