Digital Signage hardware, software, and support


  • OIT provides a supported hardware player that can be purchased from the Duke Technology Center.
    • Optionally, you can purchase annual support for those supported players from OIT src=" CDSS at $360/year which will cover computer hardware troubleshooting and software installation and updates for both the operating system and the application software as needed. It will not cover application usage questions as those will be handled directly by Four Winds Interactive as per below.  The bundled signs player with CDSS support can be purchased from the Duke Technology Center.  For more information about OIT src=" CDSS group click here.
  • If you choose your own hardware, it must comply with the,

  • Recommended player hardware and interactive touch systems
  • A professional series display is recommended since they will be on for long periods of time.  Displays of any size can be used depending on your player's computer hardware.  Some recommended monitor features are RS-232, pixel shifting, extended warranties, and on/off scheduling. 

Software Support

  • Four Winds Interactive can be contacted directly 24/7 for break/fix support by any participating school or department.

Content Development

  • Prior to engaging in content or application development, email your needs/ideas to to see if someone has already developed something similar
    • Four Winds Interactive can be contracted to develop custom templates and applications.
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