Sites@Duke: Adding Duke users

This page is for adding Duke users (those with netIDs). For information on how to add non-Duke users, click HERE

Users with Administrative privileges (e.g. those who created the sites, faculty teaching a course, etc.) can add other users (both Duke and non-Duke) to a site. When adding users to your site, you will need to determine which user role – access level you would like that user to have.  Read more about user roles. NOTE: If a non-Duke user is not interacting with the site (e.g. adding pages or posts) you can change your privacy settings to allow non-Duke users to see and comment on your site.

Adding users

Choose ‘Add New” under the Users Section of the dashboard to add users by Duke NetID address. Enter the user’s Duke NetID, choose the user’s  role for your site, and click “add”. NOTE: If you are a faculty member who has created a site using Duke’s Toolkits, enrolled students in your course will automatically be added into your site.




Article Number: KB0025641