Sites@Duke Express: Adding Non-Duke Users

Non-Duke users can be added to your Sites@Duke Express site by granting access via an account they already have (Gmail, Yahoo, etc). To do so, follow the steps below.
Log in to your Sites Express website and navigate to the Dashboard. In the lefthand menu column, scroll down to Users and then select Add New.
Type in the email of the person you would like to add as a guest. If your guest already has a Duke Guest account you will be able to select their name and simply choose their role in your site to finish the process. For more information on roles and access levels, see Understanding User Roles. If your guest is not already in the Duke system, it will offer to add them and initiate a Duke Guest account. Click Add! to continue. 
Make sure to send a copy of your site URL to your guest after completing this process to allow them to find your website after they have registered their account.
Activating your guest account
A new guest will receive an email from telling them how to register for OneLink. They must choose their preferred social account or type and fill in a custom username/password etc. Once they click the "Register with OneLink ID" button, their account will be created. Please see the logging in using a guest account section below for information about how to log in to a WordPress site with a guest account.

Logging in using a guest account
Once your guests have activated their guest account, they will need to access the URL of your site to log in. Upon clicking on this link, they will be redirected to a page prompting them to log in. They must click on the link in the “Click here to log in with your Duke NetID or as a Duke guest” region of the webpage.
Then select "Log in with Onelink" to see the drop-down of social login options. You can then login with the social login you registered per the previous section.



Article number: KB0025590

Valid to: November 17, 2024