Pricing - Storage

OIT provides several standard storage offerings to align the technical requirements with the appropriate price point.  There are 5 standard offerings that align with a majority of the requirements requested.  Please contact us if there are requirements you have that are not met by one of the following.  Storage can be accessed via the SAN (within OIT supported datacenters), or through NAS (SMB, NFS, or S3 access).  All pricing shown is Annual $/GB.

  Drive Type   Array Replication    Access    Storage Only    with On Site Backup    with On & Off Site Backup  
 Platinum  All Flash  No  SAN  $.50 $.58 $.62
 Silver  High Speed  No  SAN  $.25 $.33 $.37
 Bronze  Standard Speed    No  SAN  $.13 $.21 $.25
 NAS   Standard Speed  No  NAS  $.09 $.17 $.21
 NAS-Archive  Archive Speed  No  NAS  $.06 $.14 $.18

*pricing updated August 1, 2023

Departments interested in one of the above OIT provided storage solutions, complete the OIT Storage Services request form. If your application requires a different configuration than these standard offerings (Ex. Alternative disk protection schemes), submit a general inquiry form to the OIT Storage Team to discuss alternatives.

Pricing History/Updates

At least once a year (usually in the summer/fall), the pricing is updated to align with the current actual costs that OIT is paying for each type of storage.  As the cost/GB OIT pays its vendors for storage each year continually declines, so does the pricing that OIT charges.  The history of this can be seen at at the following link.

OIT Backups

For more detail on the OIT Backup service and pricing, see the table above or the OIT Backup page.


A majority of storage requests can be turned around quickly for requests less than 5 TB.  However, it is requested that the storage team be contacted as soon as the requirement is known to allow for proper capacity and resource planning.  Short turnaround, larger requests may have delayed lead-times if additional capacity needs to be purchased.

Getting started

Departments interested in OIT provided storage should complete one of the two forms below:

Article number: KB0025199

Valid to: March 1, 2025