Work From Home - (VoIP/ACD)

Duke OIT Voice Engineering cannot guarantee seamless connectivity for users that work from home. Unfortunately, we do not have control or visibility of the network once the connection leaves Duke IP Space. Below are the recommended steps for troubleshooting your connection. If you return to Duke IP space during the troubleshooting process and are still experiencing issues, please open another ticket with the specifics of your location and the issues that you were experiencing. We may be able to assist in involving the appropriate network team for resolution.

Troubleshooting tips for “Working From Home” ACD Agents:

  1. Reboot your system, computer and home router
  2. Verify logging in to DMVPN or before launching IP Communicator or any application
  3. Try OIT’s VPN, ( please use library resources since this is a full tunnel
  4. Check with your desktop support personnel about any patches or changes (local FW settings, etc.) as well as home network provider
  5. Return to office and verify connectivity

Article number: KB0025135

Valid to: May 13, 2025