Wi-Fi VoIP Telephones (Cisco)

Wi-Fi VoIP Telephones


These mobile handsets use the existing Duke Wi-Fi network and provide users the ability to place and receive multiple calls away from their desks.

  • University and Health System departments can purchase Cisco 8821 Wi-Fi VoIP telephones by submitting a request to their respective service desks.
  • This device is not covered under the allocated rate structure. Departments are responsible for the purchase of a replacement device if the unit malfunctions or is damaged.
  • Normal lead time from fiscal approval is (15) business days but can be more based on equipment lead time and availability.
  • To request services contact the DHTS or OIT service desks.


This link will take you to the Cisco web page with more information about this unit.


Cisco 8821

  • These devices are purchased by the department either through DHTS (Health System) or OIT (University). 
  • Current digital monthly phone line allocation expense applies per unit, unless this is a companion phone to an existing desk phone.
  • A (1) or (3) year warranty can be purchased for each device.
  • OIT/DHTS does not keep spare equipment on-hand or repair these devices. 
  • If an existing unit requires service, submit a ticket through the proper service desk (DHTS/OIT).
  • Individual or multi-unit charges can be purchased. The 6-unit multi-charger stations w/power cords + AC adapters/each unit can charge (6) phones + (6) spare batteries simultaneously.
  • Standard batteries last up to 9.5 hrs. talk time and 180 hrs. standby.
  • Extended batteries last up to 13 hrs. talk time and 240 hrs. standby.





Article number: KB0025117

Valid to: May 13, 2025