Rates & Billing - VoIP

Departments are billed for monthly telephone services through the Duke Budget. Allocated line rates are applied as a JV to your departmental cost center, through the Duke Budget Office. Questions about these charges should be directed to the Finance Office.

  • To request a change in billing to a different cost center for wired phones, please submit a request to the Duke Budget Office via this form on the Financial Services website.
  • For all other charges, organizations are billed through our financial system, SAP. Questions about these charges should be directed to the OIT Service Desk (919-684-2200)
  • For current VoIP line rates (and general telephone service billing information), please visit Financial Services site here https://finance.duke.edu/budget/phones/faqs.php

*Line rates are subject to change. OIT will continue to review the cost pools associated with both the VoIP Phone Allocation and Telephony Specialty Services with focus on the further alignment of costs to the appropriate cost pool and recovery model.

**A one-time expedite fee of $200 will be added to orders requiring completion of fewer than five (5) business days from order placement.

Article number: KB0024828

Valid to: February 26, 2025