Qualtrics: Mobile Application and Offline Functionality

Offline functionality is included with the campus Qualtrics license.  Please see the instructions below to use this feature. 

Using this feature, you collect in-the-moment feedback wherever your consumers are.   

The 3 steps below will help you get up to speed right away. 

1.  Search for “Qualtrics Surveys” in the iTunes App Store or Google Play  

Or if you prefer, you can download the Qualtrics Surveys app to your device here: iPad & iPhone | Android Tablets & Smartphones

2.  Open the App on Your Device   

  1. Log in to your Qualtrics account on a computer at http://duke.qualtrics.com (or other Duke brand)
  2. Click your name on the top right of the screen and select Account Settings.
  3. Open the Qualtrics IDs section and find your Organization ID and API token. If you don’t yet have an API token, click Generate API Token.
  4. On the top right of the Qualtrics Offline Surveys app, tap the grey cog symbol to open the Settings section
  5. Double tap on the user to view hidden fields.
  6. Enter your username, then the “#” symbol, and then the Organization ID you found online.
    • This username will be netID@duke.edu#duke where netID is your netID that you use to log into duke.qualtrics.com
    • If you are on a different brand than duke.qualtrics.com, you will use a different #organization.
  1. Leave the password field blank and enter the API token you found online.
  2. Leave the datacenter field blank

3. Tap the Survey You Wish to Download to Your Device  

Once the survey is downloaded, you’re ready to start collecting responses offline.  Survey responses will be stored on your device until you choose to upload them to your online account.

Note: The purpose of the app is to collect face-to-face feedback without an Internet connection. The app was not designed to activate or edit a survey. When downloading surveys to your device, the app will notify you if any question modifications are needed. If you receive this notification, login to your Research Suite account on your computer and use the mobile compatibility advisor to optimize your survey before downloading to your device.

A helpful tutorial has been created on the Qualtrics University website. For additional questions, please refer to the Qualtrics support pages. You can also open a support ticket with Qualtrics by clicking on the "help" tab within your Duke Qualtrics account. 


Article number: KB0024279

Valid to: February 14, 2025