Stata: General Information

License Information

Stata/SE software licenses are purchased annually by OIT and resold at a cost of $50 per computer per year to the Duke community.  No profit is made by OIT on the resale of licenses, and the price is adjusted as needed to recover the entire amount of the licensing purchased from Statacorp.  A license must be purchased for each computer on which Stata/SE is installed.  Licenses expire annually on July 23.  By purchasing licensing for Stata/SE through OIT, one agrees implicitly to the license terms listed here.

Stata/SE may only be installed and activated on computers by Duke faculty, staff, and students for Duke use.  Any use of the software under this license for activities unrelated to Duke is prohibited.  A license must be purchased through OIT (or Stata) for each activation of the software.  It is OK to uninstall the software from one computer and transfer the license to another, and it is also OK to reinstall the software on a computer in the instance of a hardware failure or similar circumstance without the need to purchase an additional license. It is not OK, however, to purchase one license and activate it on multiple computers - regardless of whether the computers are used by a single user and/or cannot be used at the same time (ex. a home computer and a work computer).

The only version of the software we offer is Stata/SE.  Other versions may be purchased at the educational price directly through Statacorp.

Support Information

Please visit for technical support.  E-mail OIT Software Licensing at for licensing questions.

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Valid to: November 5, 2024