Maple: General Information

License Information

Faculty & Staff:

Duke has a Full Academic License, which permits unlimited use of the software for academic instruction, teaching, and research at Duke University by Duke faculty and staff on Duke owned, leased, or controlled computers.  Single user and network installations are permitted.  Commercial use of the software is strictly prohibited.

Included in Duke's agreement also is the Home Use License Option.  This license option gives Duke faculty and staff the right to single user installations of the software on personal computers at faculty and staff home residences.  The software may only be used for Duke instructional, teaching, and/or research use.

This site license is purchased by OIT and distributed at no cost to Duke faculty and staff.


Duke purchases perpetual licenses from Maplesoft and resells them at-cost as a service for students. Through OIT, students may purchase a personal perpetual (non-expiring) license of the latest version of Maple for $35.  The normal cost is $99.  This does not include any upgrades to a newer version, and to upgrade to a newer version, one must purchase another license.  Each license purchased allows a student to download the software and install and activate it on his or her personal computer with a purchase code one time.  Additional licenses will need to be purchased for additional activations.

Licenses purchased through the student use program permit only the single user installation type and usage is limited to student use only.  Commercial, instruction, teaching and research purposes are not permitted.  

On ceasing to be a student, students who have purchased a Maple license through OIT may continue to use the software only for personal and non-commercial use, or elect to convert the student license into another license option upon payment to Maplesoft of a conversion fee (not done through OIT).

Individual licenses are purchased in bulk by OIT and resold at-cost to students as a service.

Support Information

The Duke site license is covered under the Maplesoft Elite Maintenance Plan ("EMP").

It is important that you follow the installation instructions contained with each product.  If you experience any problems during installation, please visit the Maplesoft online technical support center at

For more information on activation, refer to the FAQ page at:

For further assistance, please contact the Maplesoft Customer Support Department via the online form located at  If you are outside of the United States and Canada please contact the Maplesoft Partner in your region. You can find the Maplesoft Partner for your region by visiting

Please refer to your order number (772282 for faculty/staff; 773840 for students) in any correspondence to customer service.

List of Licensed Products

The latest version of Maple as well as all versions supported by Maplesoft.

Article number: KB0022584

Valid to: August 14, 2025