Microsoft 365: account set up for Android

Set up your account with Microsoft Outlook for Android. You can find the app in the Google Play store on your device.

Setup directions for Microsoft Outlook for iOS can be found here:
  • Open the Outlook for Android app

  • Choose Microsoft/Office 365

Enter your username and click the password field.  You will be redirected to a Duke SocialID log-in page.

Note: A password is not required in his field as you will authenticate with your SocialID credentials.




Select the option that was used to match your @alumni address with a SocialID.

  Note:  The options may change as new social providers are added/removed

 You will be directed to the sign on page for the option you have chosen, log in as you normally would to that specific service.  e.g., click Google, log into your Google account using your Google credentials.  If successful, your account will be accessible and load up. 

If you receive an error and are certain you are logging in correctly, contact the OIT Service Desk at 919 684 2200 as your account may not be set up properly and may need to be adjusted.


Article number: KB0022323

Valid to: January 16, 2025