ePrint - Refunds For Black and White Print Jobs


Can I get a refund for failed black and white print jobs in ePrint?

Note: Color printing refund requests should be emailed to Office Products at opservice@duke.edu.  The below instructions are just for black and white print job refunds.


Undergraduate Students Only:  

If you exhausted your ePrint allocation your print jobs will be charged to your FLEX account.  Charges for black & white print jobs that are unacceptable in quality (low toner, smudging, paper jam, etc.) will be refunded on request.  Use this form to request an ePrint refund for black and white print jobs.  Please enter a new request for each individual print job that failed.

Graduate Students, Faculty, and Staff are allocated free printing so do not need to request a refund.

Please visit the OIT web site for more information on ePrint quotas.

  1. Log into Support@Duke
  2. On the left, click Service Request Catalog

  3. Under the section Accounts & Access, click OIT - ePrint Refund

  4. Complete the form and click Request Now on the top right

The ePrint team will review your request and you will receive an email notification of the results.  Please allow 3-5 business days for a resolution.

Article number: KB0021402

Valid to: April 25, 2025