Website: HR Job Posting Web Site

Candidates wish to submit resumes at the Duke Human Resources (HR) Web site to search and apply for positions.
All candidates at Duke University and the Duke University Health Systems may submit their resumes by creating an account and using the on-line Resume Builder

**this is for both internal and external candidates**

  TIP: For Duke HR Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) go to

External candidates can open a Web browser and go to the Duke Careers Web site at

  • Directions on creating an account and submitting a resume are at the site.
  • Resumes remain active in the database for six months.
  • While a resume resides in the database it is matched to all positions for which a candidate is qualified.

Neither HR, OIT, nor DHTS has access to reset passwords or accounts via this tool.

For assistance, please contact the Duke Human Resources office at (919) 684-5600.

Article number: KB0019994

Valid to: March 28, 2025