Office 365: Configuring in Mac OS X Mail

Office 365 is a shared service across the university and health system. Documentation for this service applies to both Duke Health and University customers.

Note: For mail and calendar, we recommend using the Outlook application or Outlook Web Access available at If you prefer to use the Mac OS Calendar application, be aware that there are some issues with accepting and creating Office 365 invitations in that application.  

Create a new account in Mac OS X Mail

The instructions below are written for Mac OS 10.15.

  1. Open Mail. One of the following occurs:
    • If you don't have any Mail accounts configured, the Choose a Mail account provider screen appears. Select Exchange and click Continue.
    • If you have a Mail account configured, from the Mail menu, select Add Account. In the Choose a Mail account provider screen, select Exchange and click Continue.
  2. In the Exchange window, enter your name and Duke email address, and click Sign In. 
  3. In the next screen, Sign in to your Exchange account using Microsoft? is displayed. Click Sign In. The Duke Log In screen appears.
  4. Enter your NetID and password, authenticate with mutli-factor, and click Log In.
  5. In the next screen, select the apps to use with the account. The following work with Office 365:
    • Mail
    • Contacts - Adds Duke's Office 365 Global Address List (GAL) to the Address Book application 
    • Calendars - Adds your Office 365 calendar to the Calendar application.
  6. Click Done. Your Office 365 mail downloads and your Inbox appears.

Disable Contacts and Calendars

If you wish to stop your Exchange account from syncing with Mac Contacts or Calendars, do the following:

  1. From the Apple icon, select System Preferences > Internet Accounts.
  2. In the Internet Accounts window, select your Exchange account.
  3. Click to disable the desired application(s).
  4. Close the window.

For help, contact:

OIT Service Desk: 919 684 2200
DHTS Service Desk: 919 684 2243

Article number: KB0014579

Valid to: January 7, 2025