Network: How do I register a gaming system on the Duke network?

If you want to connect your gaming system, Apple TV, Smart TV or Roku streaming player to the Duke network, you will need to register your device on the network. In order to do so you will need your device’s MAC address. The easiest way to find your MAC address is to Google “How do I find the MAC address for [your device]." or refer to the manufacturer's instructions for locating it.


Once you have your device's MAC address navigate to and click the green "Register New Device" button and follow the on-screen prompts to register.In the MAC address field, enter the MAC address for your system. The MAC address will be in the format: 00:00:00:00:00:00.


After you have successfully registered your MAC address please restart your device and wait an hour for changes to take effect. Due to the identification nature of the wireless network it may take several attempts to connect. If you still are unable to connect after you have attempted several times please contact the OIT Service Desk (919-684-2200) for assistance.


Note: Chromecast will not currently work on the Duke wireless network as it is not compatible with university environments that have Enterprise networks. 

Article number: KB0013090

Valid to: March 26, 2025