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A New Kind of Duke Digital Media Community Event

The DDMC is thrilled to announce our October 25th Hybrid meeting. Hosted by The Bryan Center Studios & Academic Media Productions here at Duke University! This four part presentation will include: Duke Learning Innovation - Elise Mueller, Michael Greene, & Chris Lorch Learning Innovation will explain our role as a bridge between teaching and learning and classroom design. We will share some of the opportunities we've had to connect instructors with IT staff to choose equipment thoughtfully to match teaching use cases. We will discuss strategies to collect feedback and information from faculty to advocate for tech decisions based on their teaching needs. Finally, we will share some teaching trends that (may) require new solutions in classroom spaces or new approaches in the digital connectivity. Panasonic Educational Technologies Panasonic's higher education technologies put students at the center of exciting new learning experiences. From laser projectors and cameras to professional displays and lecture-capture software, we're taking interactions with instructors and students a step further. With the right technology, teams can research and present in more engaging ways, use campus huddle rooms more efficiently and break down barriers through distance learning. As a result, the next generation can get more from every moment of their education Stephen Toback - How to build a 4K Studio for under $4,000. Responsible for the media infrastructure at Duke - recording, streaming and anything that has to do with video technology central to IT. His role as senior producer includes online courses at Duke, managing a team of video professionals and work with faculty to produce video for courses. Biamp Designed to foster an interactive, student-centered learning experience, active learning classrooms promote and encourage meaningful interactions between teachers and students through flexible classroom design. Biamp products create collaborative, supportive, and enriched environments that foster effective learning. Please join us for a very special edition of the DDMC!