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Intro to Panopto

Panopto is Duke's enterprise platform for recording and sharing video. Did you know that in addition to automated recording in over 150 classrooms at Duke, Panopto offers powerful software tools for creating and editing recordings, and can integrate with Zoom and Sakai? In this session, we'll cover: - Setting up a Panopto account and creating folders to house your recordings - What is a Panopto Site Administrator and when would I need one? - How to record your lectures and accompanying slide presentations using Panopto's software and browser-based recording clients - Making basic adjustments in Panopto's editor - How to share recordings with members of the Duke community and beyond - Viewing content in Panopto's Rich Media Player - Scheduling automated recordings in Duke classrooms - Connecting Panopto to your Sakai course - How to integrate your Zoom account with Panopto and what are the benefits of doing that - Using Panopto's multi-faceted search tools - Using Panopto's analytics to understand the reach and impact of your materials Learn IT @ Lunch is designed to be an opportunity to learn about technology in a relaxed lunch environment. Each session includes a presentation followed by Q & A.