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Box: 3 Enhancements to Security Protections


Matt Royal

There are three important changes: New collaborators will default to the Viewer role When Owners or Co-owners invite new people to a folder or file, by default the collaborator will now have Viewer permissions. Previously, new people had Editor permissions. Note: The change is only for new invitations; existing collaborators will retain the role they were originally assigned. Duke Box Owners and Co-owners can take an additional step to adjust permissions, or roles, i.e. making new people Editors. Learn more about Box permissions and access levels - Only Owners and Co-owners can manage permissions and invite new people Editors will need to be made Owners or Co-owners to manage permissions and continue to invite new people to a folder or file. External (non-Duke) collaborators will need to use Box's two-step verification and may need to change their passwords External (non-Duke) people will be required to configure Box's two-step login verification. Those with short passwords may be prompted to strengthen their passwords using 12 characters, instead of 8 characters, to access Duke Box folders and files. Learn more about Box's two-step login verification for non-Duke collaborators - If you have questions about Duke Box's enhanced security features, attend an information session, contact your local IT support or visit the OIT Service Desk online at


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