OIT regularly receives requests from the Duke community regarding placement of existing and new ePrint devices.  When we receive these requests, we evaluate them on the criteria outlined below, as well as long-term, strategic planning for the ePrint service as a whole.  If you would like to make a request to OIT to relocate or add ePrint systems to campus, please read the guidelines below prior to submitting.

Requirements for ePrint systems in Residential spaces


The proposed location of the new print device must be accessible to all residents of that building and Duke patrons during normal business hours 8am-5pm.  Additionally OIT Software and Lab Services, Duke Postal, and Duke Computer Repair (DCR) must have access during normal business hours.   

Print Volume

OIT will evaluate the projected print volume of the requested new ePrint and compare this with current print volumes of nearby print devices. In a number of cases the total print volume in an area doesn’t justify additional print devices.


If the request is approved OIT will fund the purchase of the necessary hardware to setup

the new ePrint system. While Duke Student Government (DSG) and other groups external to OIT are welcome to assist in initial cost of adding a new print device this does not affect our final decision when evaluating a new ePrint  location

Proximity to Current Devices

If there is a printer nearby then OIT will evaluate current print volumes and accessibility to the nearby devices. It is not a long-range goal of OIT to expand the printer fleet by placing an ePrint system in every residential space due to the impact this would have on resources and the overall performance of the service.

Data & Power

Any physical location that is proposed for a new ePrint system must have existing network and power ports available. If the location lacks data and power then OIT will expect the requestor/building manager to cover the cost of having these two things added to the location.

Supplies & Storage

Any physical space we consider for a proposed new ePrint system should accommodate the addition of a small cabinet for the storage of paper, toner, and

other supplies. With the current cabinets we use we can store about 50 reams of paper and one toner cartridge. Duke Postal works with OIT-Software & Lab Services to manage supplies.


OIT recommends the latest model Lexmark B&W printer as approved by Duke Stores.

This device should have the latest onscreen ePrint software and an attached card reader that supports both tap and swipe. Hardware Support is provided by Duke Computer Repair.


If a building with an existing ePrint system has to undergo renovations

all our print devices will be removed until completion of that construction. We will then

re-evaluate the location per the requirements outlined here to determine the whether and how many print devices will be returned based on the new building layout.


OIT works closely with Duke sustainability groups to try and minimize our hardware footprint

by limiting the increase in quantity of ePrint devices. Our current devices have reduced our power and data consumption with the elimination of external release stations. We also utilize

recycled paper and refurbished toner.


If any print devices located within the residence halls are intentionally damaged or have costly accessories taken that render the device inoperable then OIT will meet with the RC and consider the removal of that ePrint system from the offending residence hall.   

If you feel you meet the requirements as stated above, please submit an ePrint location request form.

Requirements for Departmental ePrint Systems

Since these devices are funded by individual departments there are only a few requirements.

Departments are responsible for the maintenance of their printer hardware and supplies.

Departments also control who will have access to their ePrint systems.

Hardware recommendations

OIT has standardized our printer fleet to Lexmark devices. The latest model is the Lexmark T826

and this is strongly recommended to receive optimum performance from ePrint. This device is

for B&W single function printer. Departments desiring to use multifunction print devices should consult with Office Products.

Note :Even when all the above requirements are met for the addition of a new ePrint system to a residential space or department OIT may still disapprove the request after evaluating the overall impact to OIT resources, speed and reliability of the ePrint service, and affect on sustainability.