Support for faculty, staff and graduate students on Duke University's West Campus

West Campus Primary Support Assignments

Quincy Garbutt, Manager

Jackson Carson
Psychology & Neuroscience, Theatre Studies

Ryan Chung
Alumni Engagement & Development

Tom Counavelis
Library, Trinity Administration, Academic Council, Classical Studies

Richard Freeling

Chris Gorham
Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions, Duke Chapel, Catholic Center, University Communications & Marketing, Stores, DKU Relations, DukeCard, Academic Council, Campus Grants Management, Undergraduate Education, Academic Guides

Steeve Joseph-Gabriel
Romance Studies, German, Slavic Languages

Rob Marks
Sociology, Duke Lemur Center, Fossil Lab, Arts & Sciences Facilities

Ed McLaurin
Duke Institute for Brain Sciences

Sean Muchmore
Government relations, Faculty Club, Forest History, Translation & Commercialization, Parking and Transportation, Undergraduate Admissions

Executive Support

Jason Doty, Manager
Ron Altiery
Chance Mitchell

Triage & Dispatch
Cathy Rice