Virtual Computing Manager

Virtual Computing Manager (VCM) provides Duke students and instructors with semester-long access to application containers and virtual machines (VMs). These environments are intended for coursework, software development, and as test servers for projects.

VMs are like having a second more powerful computer in the cloud. You can log into and use your VM from your own computer. A VM can run Windows or Linux operating systems. You can download and run specialized software applications that you may not be able to run on your own computer.

VCM is well-suited to acting as a back-end server for mobile applications or for public-facing web services because it has public IP addresses and is available 24x7.

Since VCM is a software development sandbox, you should not run production / high traffic servers on VCM virtual machines. Please back up your work.

Separately you can get enterprise-level production servers, or research computing resources.

VCM is only available to active faculty, students and staff.

How to get help