Multimedia Project Studio

MPS front
Virtual reality headset

Looking for the sound booth or video recording studio? As of summer 2022 these have been moved to the Bryan Center Studios.  


The Multimedia Project Studio is an ideal space for: 

  • Experiencing Virtual Reality (VR) 

  • Developing VR, AR, and Gaming Apps 

  • 3D Modeling 

  • Video and Photo Editing 



  • 4 high-end Dell Alienware PC’s with NVIDIA 3090 cards, and large 38” monitors. Attached to the computers (during staffed hours) are high-end Vive Pro 2 VR headsets. 

  • Additionally we have 7 iMacs 

  • Ask us about our Augmented Reality (AR) and 360 Video hardware! 



  • Game Engines: Unity, Unreal  

  • 3D Modeling: Maya, 3dsMax, Blender, ... 

  • Adobe Creative Suite: Premier, Photoshop, Illustrator 


Open Hours



You can find the MPS lab in Room 006 on the lower level of Perkins/Bostock Library (near The Link).  



How to get help