Multimedia Project Studio

The entrance at MPS West

The Multimedia Project Studio (MPS) is your place to go for production of multimedia and graphic content. 

The lab features high-end, integrated hardware and software that encourages imaginative creation and editing of graphics, web pages, audio, video and 3D. Production tools include the latest Apple iMacs, industry standard software such as Apple's Final Cut Pro, Motion, Compressor and the full Adobe Creative Cloud Suite as wells as a compliment of popular 3D modeling titles such as Rhino, Fusion 360, Blender and AutoCAD. 

This lab is also equipped with specialized peripherals, such as drawing tablets, MediaNET integrated network data storage, an audio booth, scanners and a VR development Oculus Rift system.

Most importantly, our lab is staffed by trained student consultants 12pm-12am Sunday through Thursday and 12pm-5pm Friday to help you with questions. 

Or you can schedule a time with TechTutors.

You can find the MPS lab in Room 006 Bostock Library.  

Open: Whenever Bostock Library is open.