Duke Digital Initiative (DDI)

iPad showing augmented reality
Augmented reality app on an iPad

After nearly 15 years, OIT and Learning Innovation are winding down the Duke Digital Initiative. It was originally established to help Duke experiment with new and emerging technologies in teaching and learning. Moving beyond this program is an acknowledgement that innovative use of technology in service of the university is no longer relegated to a specialized program such as DDI, but is now part of the core business of units like OIT, Learning Innovation, and others. 
The DDI has supported countless technology explorations, starting with the iPod Project in 2005, and continuing with iPads, Flip video cameras, 360 video, 3d printing, virtual & augmented reality, drones, and the Internet of Things (IoT). While many explorations were shorter lived, DDI succeeded in operationalizing several current offerings and services such as Duke’s early involvement with Coursera, Sites@Duke, WarpWire, and the Technology Engagement Center.


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