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Through MyTours, you can easily create walking or bicycle tours by uploading images, videos, audio, and text through a web browser, and geo-locate each stop on a map so users can navigate from point-to-point.

When finished, these tours can be published in the iTunes and Google Play Stores for easy access by anyone around the globe through two apps called Duke Explore (for public content) and Duke Location Learning (for course-based content or content with a narrower audience).

MyTours is an excellent application platform for those looking to create tours of department, student, or course-related locations. The service is available at no cost to Duke students, faculty and staff. 

Duke's two applications, Duke Explore and Duke Location Learning, can be downloaded free from the iTunes and Google Play stores.

Sample tours
View the web version of a tour of Duke Chapel
View the web version of Statues Speak, an online tour showcasing many of the statues you might see around the Duke Campus and highlighting interesting historical tidbits you might not have known about them.

Get the apps

DukeExplore for iPhone
DukeExplore for iPad
DukeExplore for Android

Duke Location Learning for iPhone/iPad
Duke Location Learning for Android

If you are interested in creating your own tours, please contact us.

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