Enterprise TSM Backup

OIT BACKUP EVOLUTION PROJECT - OIT is in progress of moving from a TSM based solution to one that is based on Rubrik.  As part of the project, these OIT webpages will be updated prior to the transition.  Click here for updates on the project.

TSM (Tivoli Storage Manager) is an enterprise software program that backs up a copy of the data stored on your computer/server to a central server designed for backups. Your computer/server must be connected to the network, have adequate disk space for installation and be running an operating system that is supported by the TSM software. You must also have a registered account (nodename) and password obtained from the TSM support group to use this service.

The TSM service is primarily utilized by system administrators in campus IT departments seeking centrally-hosted and -supported on-site and off-site backup services. Data backed up via TSM are stored in OIT-supported enterprise data centers on campus and hosted on disk arrays and high-capacity tapes; off-site storage of tapes is an option for customers based on their recovery and data assurance needs.

Pricing: See current TSM pricing

Download: Just pick the latest Fix Pack version that supports your system.  All of these clients will work in our environment.

Installation: Install on Windows or Linux

Usage: See common commands

TSM Data Backup

TSM is a flat file backup system; therefore, users that have databases other than Microsoft Access or Filemaker Pro MUST export their data out to a flat file before TSM can backup that data. TSM will only be able to backup the flat files of the export by the database and not it’s actually data contents. TSM is not designed to backup databases without a special connect agent or a data export procedure.

Tivoli Data Protection

Protect your databases such as Oracle or MySQL.


Please read the TSM Backup Retention Policy & Standard Storage Expectations. You may also view a model TSM service level agreement (SLA) 

Contact the TSM Administrator at tsm-admins@duke.edu