Screen capture of DukeCapture session with professor and presentation

Record,  publish or live stream your lectures and events on campus or around the world. 

DukeCapture, powered by the software, Panopto, is an automated lecture and event recording, publishing and live streaming solution deployed in over 130 classrooms across the Duke campus and around the world.  Once recorded they may be posted for later viewing or to conduct a "flipped" class (when students view material in advance, then discuss in class.

You can schedule a DukeCapture integrated recorder to automatically record and publish to the web. The playback interface includes a search-friendly rich media player as well as the ability to publish audio and video podcasts for playback on mobile devices. Events can be captured as audio, video and presentation content – or any combination of the three, and you don't need special technical expertise.

You can also use "DukeCapture Mobile" for Mac or Windows that allows you to record audio, video and your screen using a personal computer and to publish those materials through the same system as the classroom integrated recorders. 

Please read the DukeCapture Usage Policy before beginning.